Supermarket refrigeration equipment island freezer

Supermarket refrigeration equipment island freezer

Short Description:

1.4 main standard colors (white, grey, black, coffee), PCM outer box, more saving in spraying process and lead time better quality.
2.Standard 6000K LED light belt, individual switch with refrigeration’s,free control seperately.
3.Using the world’s top three embraco compressors.
4.Equipped with foot margin, elastic and strong in supporting.
5.With feet and casters, optional.


  • Model : ZD18C01-L,ZP21C01-L,ZP25C01-L
  • Temperature range (℃) : ≤-18℃
  • Cooling system : Static Cooling System
  • Insulation Thickness(mm): 70mm
  • Climate class : N-ST
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Catalog page: 14
  • Details


    Gross volume (L)375L430L 635L480L

    Model ZD18C01-L  ZP21C01-L ZP25C01-L
    Dimension(W x D x H) 1.3 1.5 1.7
    Volume(L) 460 560 570
    Dimension (mm) 1895*88*906 2115*888*948  2502*888*948
    Power 560 570  680

    The liner material is thickened and durable.

    1-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    Light,LED tube super bright, 6000K cool color and 4000K warm color. Excellent display, power saving and long life.

    6-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    Evaporator and condenser are copper tube, easy to connect, not easy to oxidize, high durability.

    2-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    The bumper strip adopts the soft and hard technology, the upper soft and the lower hard, and the bottom plate adopts aluminum alloy.

    4-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    Foot margin and casters free to choose.

    11-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    Transparent tempered top glass, adopting low-e technology to save energy and never frost to ensure foods hygiene.

    13-island freezer-DusungRefrigeration

    World famous compressor with reliable system brings lower noise and heat.

    12-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration

    Microcomputer temperature controller, led temperature indicator, automatic defrost, more accurate and efficient.

    18-island freezer-dusungrefrigeration
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