Commercial Supermarket Meat Display Refrigerator Open showcase

Commercial Supermarket Meat Display Refrigerator Open showcase

Short Description:

Reliable and efficient refrigeration technology significantly reduces energy consumption and running costs,
Imported compressor&condensate fan make the system more reliable,
Also available in remote type.

  • Model : GB0.25E,GB0.4E(F),GB0.5E(F),GB0.7E(F)
  • Temperature range (℃) : 0~5℃
  • Cooling system : Air Cooler
  • Insulation Thickness(mm): 50mm
  • Climate class : N-ST
  • Defrost: Automatic,Manual
  • Catalog page: 15
  • Details


    Model GB0.25E   GB0.4E(F) GB0.5E(F)   GB0.7E(F)
    Display areas(mm) 1.05 1.6 2.1 3.2
    Size with end panel(mm) 1350*1130*1300 1975*1130*1300(1230)  2600*1130*1300(1230)  3850*1130*1300(1230)
    20GP 4 4  2  1
    40HQ 20 18 8  6

    Insulating glass.Full transparent insulating glass side panels,merchandise at a glance.


    Protection bumper.In the maximum ,to avoid the collision from shopping cart or other mobile subject,supply the biggest protection to the showcase,multi colours chould be choose.


    Splicable.Can be connected together to meet your length requirements.


    Light.LED tube super bright, 600K cool color and 400K warm color. Excellent display, power saving and long life.


    Assemble with world top three compressors,Denmark Danfoss, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long life.


    Fan.EBM, produced in Germany. High air output, low power, low noise and long life.There are also inverter fans that can adjust the frequency to achieve better results.


    Air outlet.Uniform airflow, better cooling than normal airflow.


    Digital display temperature controler, could adjusted the temperature manual.

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