Butcher Refrigeration Equipment meat display chiller

Butcher Refrigeration Equipment meat display chiller

Short Description:

  • Model : GK0.25,GK0.4,GK0.5,GK0.7
  • Temperature range (℃) : 一2~5℃
  • Cooling system : Ventilated Cooling System
  • Insulation Thickness(mm): 50mm
  • Climate class : N-ST
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Catalog page: 21
  • Details


    Model GK0.25 GK0.4 GK0.5 GK0.7
    Display areas(mm) 1.04 1.56 2.08 3.12
    Net volume(L) 0.17 0.25 0.33  0.5
    Size with end panel(mm) 1350*1150*900 1975*1150*900 2600*1150*900 3850*1150*9000
    Weights(kg) 100 0 140 240 34
    Rated Power (kg) 440 500 800 1100
    20' Max loading 8 8 4 2
    40HQ' Max loading 18 18 8 6

    Could combined to different shape.

    16-meat display case-dusung refrigeration

    Full open display, easy reachability.


    Humanized sloping glass design, anti-extrusion, anti-condensation


    The return air inlet is made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion caused by long-term contact with moisture.


    Price Tag providing clear data for your product


    Protect bumper.In the maximum ,to avoid the collision from shopping cart or other mobile subject,supply the biggest protection to the showcase,multi colours chould be chose.


    Aluminum - fin copper tube evaporator, high efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance.

    5-meat display case-dusung refrigeration

    Hollow End Panel.  transparent hollow glass side panel be clear at a glance,increased goods display and thermostate effect.

    21-meat display cabinet-dusung refrigeration

    EMB Fan Motor made in Germany  -  Big air output, Low noise

    5-meat display case-dusung refrigeration

    Option Night Curtain , Save energy, ensure the foods safety and hygiene.

    20-meat display case-dusung refrigeration

    The rear counter design is more convenient for clerk's work.

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